BC Ferries – Update

The times Colonist of Victoria BC has reported that mid-life upgrades are being considered for two BC Ferries Spirit-Class vessels.  These vessels are the largest in the   BC Ferries fleet.  The plan is that the work on these vessels would take place in 2016 and 2017 and include replacing the present diesel engines with a duel-fuel system using both diesel and LNG.

This is work that can be done domestically and the unions are optimistic that this work will be done in BC.  It remains to be seen whether the capacity issue that BC Ferries used as the reason to go offshore to build three intermediate ferries will allow this upgrade work to be done in BC.  There are other yards in Canada that can be utilized if Capacity is not available in BC. Canadian engineering know-how is innovative yet undervalued especially by Canadians who should know better.  These are projects that must be done in Canada.