Canadian shipyards are safe

Ensuring safety in the construction, operating and repair of ships is a key concern for the SAC. Accidents can cause serious damage, personnel injuries and even death. Canada possesses a strong safety regulatory regime. Safety is taken very seriously and safety infractions can lead to prosecution by the law. Canada’s shipyards have an excellent record in terms of lost time accidents.

SAC encourages an accelerated replacement program of aged vessels

Canada’s shipyards have a well deserved reputation for building robust dependable ships, well suited to Canada’s harsh environment and on occasion able to operate well past their planned life expectancy. While this is a good indication of the quality of Canadian shipbuilders, the SAC does not condone the use of ships beyond their expected lifetime. In general, ships should be decommissioned before their 30th anniversary. No matter how much maintenance is carried out, as a ship passes its life expectancy, safety can not be guaranteed. This is of particular relevance to the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadian Coast Guard fleet, many of which are in urgent need of replacement. The SAC stands side- by-side with the men and women of the Canadian Forces in ensuring that their safety is our number one priority. The SAC is working to ensure that the federal fleet renewal program is expedited in a manner which will ensure the safety of our seafarers.

Canadian Shipbuilders are pioneering environmentally friendly technologies

Stewardship and safety of the environment is also a key issue for Canadians. We are a world leader in maritime environmental and safety technologies such as alternate fuel usage, hybrid propulsion, hydrogen fuel cells, exhaust gas emission systems, ballast water treatment, safe garbage disposal, ocean monitoring and management sensors and electronic charts to name a few. New environmental operating procedures and regulations are forcing a change in the way we do business. Canada’s shipbuilders are heavily engaged in these initiatives.